Title Authors Submission Type
Transcription of the Singing Melody in Polyphonic Music Matti Ryynänen and Anssi Klapuri Long Paper
Probabilistic Combination of Features for Music Classification Arthur Flexer, Fabien Gouyon, Simon Dixon and Gerhard Widmer Short Paper
A Large Publicly Accessible Database of Annotated Audio for Music Research Cory McKay, Daniel McEnnis and Ichiro Fujinaga Short Paper
Music Summarization Via Key Distributions: Analyses of Similarity Assessment Across Variations Arpi Mardirossian and Elaine Chew Long Paper
An Efficient Multiscale Approach to Audio Synchronization Meinard Mueller, Henning Mattes and Frank Kurth Long Paper
Efficient Lyrics Extraction from the Web Gijs Geleijnse and Jan Korst Poster
The Cyclic Beat Spectrum: Tempo-Related Audio Features for Time-Scale Invariant Audio Identification Frank Kurth, Thorsten Gehrmann and Meinard Mueller Long Paper
Web-based Artist Categorization Gijs Geleijnse and Jan Korst Long Paper
Social Cognition and Melodic Persistence: Where Metadata and Content Diverge Eleanor Selfridge-Field Short Paper
AIST Annotation for the RWC Music Database Masataka Goto Poster
ENST-Drums: an extensive audio-visual database for drum signals processing Olivier Gillet and Gaël Richard Short Paper
Data Driven HMM Parameters Optimization for Audio Segmentation Nicolas Scaringella and Daniel Mlynek Poster
A Probabilistic Model of Melody Perception David Temperley Short Paper
Local search for playlist generation Steffen Pauws, Wim Verhaegh and Mark Vossen Long Paper
Data Dictionary: Metadata for Phonograph Records Catherine Lai and Ichiro Fujinaga Long Paper
Musical key extraction from audio using profile training. Steven van de Par, Martin McKinney and Andre Redert Poster
A Mid-level Melody-based Representation for Calculating Audio Similarity Matija Marolt Long Paper
A Genre Classification Plug-in for Data Collection Tue Lehn-Schiøler, Jerónimo Arenas-García, Kaare Brandt Petersen and Lars Kai Hansen Demo
Music Information Retrieval from a Singing Voice Based on Verification of Recognized Hypotheses Motoyuki Suzuki, Toru Hosoya, Akinori Ito and Shozo Makino Short Paper
Muugle: A Modular Music Information Retrieval Framework Martijn Bosma, Remco C. Veltkamp and Frans Wiering Poster
Assigning and Visualizing Music Genres by Web-based Co-Occurrence Analysis Markus Schedl, Tim Pohle, Peter Knees and Gerhard Widmer Long Paper
Optimal filtering of dynamics in short-time features for music organization Jerónimo Arenas-García, Jan Larsen, Lars Kai Hansen and Anders Meng Long Paper
Bayesian Modelling of Temporal Structure in Musical Audio Nick Whiteley, A. Taylan Cemgil and Simon Godsill Long Paper
Hybrid Collaborative and Content-based Music Recommendation Using Probabilistic Model with Latent User Preferences Kazuyoshi Yoshii, Masataka Goto, Kazunori Komatani, Tetsuya Ogata and Hiroshi G. Okuno Long Paper
The Sonic Visualiser: A Visualisation Platform for Semantic Descriptors from Musical Signals. chris cannam, christian landone, mark sandler and juan pablo bello Demo
Music Scope Headphones: Natural User Interface for Selection of Music Masatoshi Hamanaka and Seunghee Lee Long Paper
An Integrated MIR Programming and Testing Environment Jörg Garbers Poster
Good Vibrations: Music Discovery through Personal Musical Concepts Vegard Sandvold, Thomas Aussenac, Òscar Celma and Perfecto Herrera Demo
Problems and Opportunities of Applying Data- & Audio-Mining Techniques to Ethnic Music Dirk Moelants, Olmo Cornelis, Marc Leman, Jos Gansemans, Guy De Tré, Rita De Caluwé, Tom Matthé and Axel Hallez Poster
Factors Affecting Response Rates for Real-Life MIR Queries Jin Ha Lee, M. Cameron Jones and J. Stephen Downie Poster
BDB-MUS: e-music in the preservation of Brazilian musical heritage Fernando Cruz, Edilson Ferneda, Luiza Alonso, Beatriz Castro and Murilo Bastos Poster
Feature Selection Pitfalls and Music Classification Rebecca Fiebrink and Ichiro Fujinaga Poster
MusicRainbow: A New User Interface to Discover Artists Using Audio-based Similarity and Web-based Labeling Elias Pampalk and Masataka Goto Demo
Modeling Music and Words Douglas Turnbull, Luke Barrington and Gert Lanckriet Long Paper
Automatic Feature Weighting in Automatic Transcription of Specified Part in Polyphonic Music Katsutoshi Itoyama, Tetsuto Kitahara, Kazunori Komatani, Tetsuya Ogata and Hiroshi G. Okuno Short Paper
Towards a MIR System for Malaysian Music Shyamala Doraisamy, Hamdan Adnan and Noris Mohd. Norowi Poster
Improving Beat-Tracking by Stream-Based Evaluation of Musical Events Frank Seifert, Katharina Rasch and Michael Rentzsch Poster
Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients: Robustness of MP3 Encoded Music Sigurdur Sigurdsson and Kaare Petersen Short Paper
A computationally efficient speech/music discriminator for radio recordings Aggelos Pikrakis, Theodoros Giannakopoulos and Sergios Theodoridis Short Paper
Joint Beat & Tatum Tracking from Music Signals Jarno Seppänen, Antti Eronen and Jarmo Hiipakka Long Paper
Independent Component Analysis for Music Similarity Computation Tim Pohle, Markus Schedl, Peter Knees and Gerhard Widmer Long Paper
‘More of an Art than a Science’: Supporting the Creation of Playlists and Mixes Sally Jo Cunningham, David Bainbridge and Annette Falconer Long Paper
Moody Tunes: the Rockanango Project Sten Govaerts, Nik Corthaut and Erik Duval Long Paper
Key Estimation Using a Hidden Markov Model Katy Noland and Mark Sandler Long Paper
Composer attribution by quantifying compositional strategies Peter Van Kranenburg Poster
A Multifaceted Approach to Music Similarity Kurt Jacobson Poster
Language Identification in Vocal Music Jochen Schwenninger, Raymond Brueckner, Daniel Willett and Marcus Hennecke Poster
Evolving Performance Models by Performance Similarity: Beyond Note-to-note Transformations Amaury Hazan, Maarten Grachten and Rafael Ramirez Long Paper
Remixing Stereo Music with Score-Informed Source Separation John Woodruff, Bryan Pardo and Roger Dannenberg Long Paper
The song remains the same: identifying versions of the same piece using tonal descriptors Emilia Gomez and Perfecto Herrera Long Paper
A Study on Music Genre Classification Based on Universal Acoustic Models Jeremy Reed and Chin-Hui Lee Long Paper
Ground truth for automatic music mood classification Janto Skowronek, Martin F. McKinney and Steven van de Par Poster
Musical genre classification: Is it worth pursuing and how can it be improved? Cory McKay and Ichiro Fujinaga Long Paper
Instrument classification using HMMs Matthias Eichner, Matthias Wolff and Ruediger Hoffmann Poster
Automatic Estimation of Tuning Frequency - Required or not? Alexander Lerch Short Paper
Extending Audacity as a Ground-Truth Annotation Tool Beinan Li, John Ashley Burgoyne and Ichiro Fujinaga Poster
The Map of Mozart Rudolf Mayer, Thomas Lidy and Andreas Rauber Poster
A Fast, Randomised, Maximum Subset Matching Algorithm for Document-Level Music Retrieval Raphaël Clifford, Manolis Christodoulakis, Tim Crawford, David Meredith and Geraint Wiggins Long Paper
Heroic Frogs Save the Bow: Musician’s Annotation and Interaction Behavior with Written Music Megan Winget Long Paper
Entropy-Driven Audio Partitioning Eric Nichols and Christopher Raphael Short Paper
A Pattern Recognition Approach for Melody Track Selection in MIDI Files David Rizo, Pedro J. Ponce de León, Antonio Pertusa, Carlos Pérez-Sancho and José M. Iñesta Long Paper
The Significance of the Non-Harmonic “Noise” Versus the Harmonic Series for Musical Instrument Recognition Arie Livshin and Xavier Rodet Long Paper
Multiple fundamental frequency estimation by summing harmonic amplitudes Anssi Klapuri Long Paper
Singing Voice Separation from Monaural Recordings Yipeng Li and DeLiang Wang Short Paper
Evaluation of the Technical Level of Saxophone Performers by considering the Evolution of Spectral Parameters of the Sound Matthias Robine and Mathieu Lagrange Long Paper
Fingerprinting Radio Stations Thomas Lidy and Andreas Rauber Long Paper
Everyday Life Music Information-Seeking Behaviour of Young Adults Audrey Laplante and J. Stephen Downie Poster
Chroma-based estimation of tonality from audio-signal analysis Geoffroy Peeters Long Paper
A Retrieval Approach for Human/Robot Musical Performance Ajay Kapur and Eric Singer Demo
Efficient Genre Classification using Qualitative Representations Morteza Dehghani and Andrew Lovett Poster
Identifying music documents in a collection of images David Bainbridge and Tim Bell Long Paper
Perception of structure in popular music Michael J. Bruderer, Martin F. McKinney and Armin Kohlrausch Short Paper
Ask a Librarian: The Role of Librarians in the Music Information Retrieval Community Jenn Riley and Constance A. Mayer Long Paper
An audio crawler focused on Weblogs Oscar Celma, Pedro Cano and Perfecto Herrera Demo
On-demand Metadata Extraction Network (OMEN) Daniel McEnnis, Cory McKay and Ichiro Fujinaga Long Paper
Perceptual evaluation of music similarity Alberto Novello, Martin F. McKinney and Armin Kohlrausch Short Paper
A Philosophical Wish List for Research in Music Information Retrieval Cynthia M. Grund Poster
Assessing the Performance of Melodic Similarity Algorithms Using Human Judgments of Similarity Margaret Cahill and Donncha Ó Maidín Poster
Optical Music Recognition of Early Typographic Prints using Hidden Markov Models Laurent Pugin Short Paper
jAudio: Additions and Improvements Daniel McEnnis, Cory McKay and Ichiro Fujinaga Poster
Prospects for Improving OMR with Multiple Recognizers Donald Byrd and Megan Schindele Long Paper
Lilypond for pyScore: Approaching a universal translator for music notation Stephen Sinclair, Michael Droettboom and Ichiro Fujinaga Poster
Exploiting Recommended Usage Metadata: Exploratory Analyses Xiao Hu, J. Stephen Downie and Andreas Ehmann Short Paper
An Implementation of a Simple Playlist Generator Based on Audio Similarity Measures and User Feedback Elias Pampalk and Martin Gasser Demo
Interactive Multimedia Playroom – update and SAQs Rosemary Mountain Poster
PAPA: Physiology and Purpose-Aware Automatic Playlist Generation Nuria Oliver and Lucas Kreger-Stickles Short Paper
Separating Voices in MIDI Søren Tjagvad Madsen and Gerhard Widmer Short Paper
Audio Key Finding Using Low-Dimensional Spaces Ozgur Izmirli Long Paper
Automatic Chord Recognition from Audio Using an HMM with Supervised Learning Kyogu Lee and Malcolm Slaney Short Paper
Feature-Based Synthesis: A Tool for Evaluating, Designing, and Interacting with Music IR Systems Matt Hoffman and Perry R. Cook Demo
Realtime Multiple Pitch Observation using Sparse Non-negative Constraints Arshia Cont Long Paper
Understanding and Quantifying the "Album Effect" in Artist Identification Youngmoo Kim, Donald Williamson and Sridhar Pilli Poster
Low Level Descriptors for Automatic Violin Transcription Alex Loscos, Ye Wang and Jonathan Boo Short Paper
Predicting genre labels for artists using FreeDB James Bergstra, Alexandre Lacoste and Douglas Eck Short Paper
Song intersection by approximate nearest neighbor search Michael Casey and Malcolm Slaney Long Paper
Tempo Tracking With a Periodicity Comb Kernel Ian Leue and Ozgur Izmirli Poster
Database Design for Musicology MIR Bret Aarden Demo